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About My Profile
Sharing of Knowledge and Experience with the World, interacting and Learning.  Engaged on  Mining Consultant, on  Indian Mining Legislation , A Traveler, Photographer and a publisher. An Indian blogger.

About Me
Full Name - Narayanan Gopakumaran Nair
Father's Name - Late C P Narayanan Nair . Nationality - INDIAN. E. Mail - tottakomnair@gmail.com
Qualification    Technical Qualification  
  1. Diploma in Mining and Mines Surveying fromSchool of MinesKolar Gold Fields Karnataka State India– Year 1975 with First Class
  2. FIRST CLASS MINES MANGER’S CERTIFICATE – Un-Restricted, Director General of Mines Safety Dhanbad - Certificate No. 502 – Year 1994. Manager's First Class Certificate of Competency to Manage a Metalliferous Mines ( Under Metalliferous Mines Regulations 1961)
General Qualification 
  1. Master of Arts in Public Administration. (Annamalai University )
  2. Post Graduate Diploma in Human Resource Management. (Indira Gandhi National Open University
  3. Post Graduate Diploma in Personnal Management & Industrial Relations
  4. Post Graduate Diploma in Marketing Management
Experience   Metalliferous Mines  Metal  & Mineral Industry 
  1. Bharat Gold Mines Limited, Nudydroog Mines, Kolar Gold Fields Karnataka State India. From Aug. 1975 to Aug. 1976. Designation - Post Diploma Practical Trainee.
  2. Hindustan Zinc Limited, Udipur, Mochia Mines Zawarmines PO, Udipur Dist. Rajasthan State India. From Dec. 1976 to October 1978. Designation - Mining Supervisor.
  3. Rajasthan State Mineral Development Corporation Jaipur India. (RSMDE - RIMDC). November 1978 to February 1980. Designation Mines Foreman / Permit Manager.
Mahi Graphite Project, Mahi Dam Post. Banswara Dist. Rajasthan State India.
Rajasthan Felspar Project, Mandukipal PO Dungarpur Dist. Rajasthan state India.
  1. Khetri Copper Complex, Jhunjhunu, Dist, Rajasthan India. (Hindustan Copper Limited). From February 1980 to January 2006, Designation - Mining Engineer, Sr. Mining Engineer, Dy. Manager (Mines)
  2. Kolihan Copper Mines, Khetri, Jhunjhunu Rajasthan. ( Hindustan Copper Limited)
  3. Malajkhand Copper Project, Balaghat Dist. Madhya Pradesh State India ( Hindustan Copper Limited ). From Ferbuary 2006 to 19.09.2009. Designation Manager (Mines)
  4. Experience in Statutory Capacity in Mines as FIRST CLASS MINES MANAGER.
  5. Experience is Preparing ISO 9001:2000 Documentation.  ISO 9001:2000 to Malanjhand Copper Project
TRAINING Surpac Mining Software Training at Malanjkhand.Mining Software Trained Professional.
 SOFTWARE SKILL - Micorsoft Office,HTMLJavaScript, Web Page, ERP, Graphic Design, Etc.       

Mineral Worked - Gold, Lead & Zinc, Graphite, Felspar, Copper, China Clay etc.
+35 years Experience in Metalliferous Mines in India. Metalliferous Mines Safety India  SITEMAP

‘Khetri Copper Complex’ was my school where I learned the concepts of mining Technology, Practiced as a professional in Mining for 26 years and perfected in the Art of Mining. Read More
Simplicity of living with a New Vision - N G Nair India. Corruption free Mining.

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